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Stryker 1288 HD Digital Camera System & L9000 light source
Product Code: 1288-SYSTEM
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Stryker 1288 Digital Camera System, following components included:

(1) Stryker 1288 Digital Camera Control Unit 1288-010-000 and

(1) Stryker 1288 Digital Camera Head and Coupler 1288-210-105,

(1) Stryker L9000 Light Source 220-210-000

30-Day Warranty.

Stryker 1288 Features a 1920 x 1080p resolution ( Full HD ) and nine specialty settings, making the system one of the most versatile on the market. The camera offers other benefits like wireless capabilities, four programmable buttons on the camera head, 2 types of output ( HD and HDTV ) and a touchscreen for easy navigation of the menu. This system is backward compatible with older digital capture devices, scopes, and monitors. Stryker 1288 is offering new and improved video feed in the OR.

Stryker 1288 System Features

  • Stryker 1288 has a resolution of 1920x1080p 
  • Improved clarity, focus, and sharpness. HD and HDTV outputs
  • This model camera system comes with Wireless transmission capabilities when used with the Stryker WiSE wireless monitor
  • Touchscreen LCD interface
  • Fully programmable camera head buttons

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